Umro je olimpijska legenda Stein Eriksen 1927-2015

Izvor:Nusret Tasevac, Salt Lake City, USA

Olimpijski pobjednik u veleslalomu na ZOI 1952.godine u Oslu, Norveska.
Olimpijski pobjednik u veleslalomu na ZOI 1952.godine u Oslu, Norveska.

Nusret Tasevac nam iz Salt Lake City-a javlja tuznu vijest da je umro smucarski as i olimpijski pobjednik Stein Eriksen kojeg sam upoznao za vrijeme Zimskih Olimpijskih Igara 2002.godine.(VS)

Stein je nakon veoma uspjesne skucarske karijere iz Norveske dosao u Ameriku gdje je nastavio zivot uspjesnog podlovnog covjeka i sportasa propagirajuci skijanje i kroz fondaciju koju je osnovao, pomaze mladim smucarskim talentima da ostvare svoje mladalacke snove. Jedan od njih je i aktuelni americki skijaski sampion Ted Ligety ( na slici sa Steinom).

Stein-ovo geslo je bilo: “Ako na isti nacin mozes da primis i pobjede i poraze, onda ims sve da postanes veliki sampion”. (VS)


Stein Eriksen - smucarska legenda


YSA Update
Stein Eriksen

Stein Eriksen, beloved local ski icon, Olympic gold medalist, and strong supporter of the Youth Sports Alliance, passed away Sunday night surrounded by family.Stein’s most significant collaboration with the Alliance — his legacy to the community — was launching the Stein Eriksen YSA Opportunity Endowment. When complete the fund will provide financial support in the form of scholarships for young and aspiring athletes to participate, and possibly excel, in any of the winter sports programs offered under the YSA umbrella. The Endowment also provides scholarships for YSA’s after-school Get Out & Play program, which enables children of economically-challenged families to experience programs ranging from skating to luge to alpine skiing with equipment, instruction, and transportation included. This past winter YSA sponsored programs enriching the lives of more than 2200 youngsters. Over the past 21 months, Stein helped raise more than $1.6 million to fund the Stein Eriksen YSA Opportunity Endowment.”Stein once said, if you can take a loss the same way you take a victory, then you have what it takes to be a champion. Stein’s legacy to our community is giving kids the chance to learn the important lessons of sport and pursue their dreams,” said Endowment Chairman, Jim Gaddis.


Stein Eriksen and Ted Ligety, 2014

Eriksen with Ted Ligety at the launch of the Stein Eriksen YSA Opportunity Endowment in 2014

Shannon Bahrke, two-time Olympic medalist in Moguls, said of Stein Eriksen and the Endowment, “I think his kindness has touched our community in such a positive way… teaching little kids to be true champions.”

Stein hosted the YSA on many occasions at the Stein Eriksen Lodge to help explain the mission of the YSA to potential supporters. He also served as Grand Marshall of the 2014 Park City Olympic & Paralympic Homecoming Parade organized by the Alliance.

Stein Eriksen continued to advocate for Park City’s youth through his final days.

In lieu of flowers, the family suggests that donations be made to the Stein Eriksen Youth Sports Alliance Opportunity Endowment. Thank you for considering this opportunity to help Stein Eriksen realize his final goal of raising $2 million dollars to provide a legacy of opportunity for Park City’s youth.


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